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Fits AR-15 & AR-180 platforms

The Patented technologies of both DF-107 & DF-207 Ejectors include Two Contact/Engagement Surfaces on slightly diffrent angles, As a cartridge is "fed" from the magazine,  The combination of placement and Degree of Angle on the "Inner" and "Outer" Contact/Engagement Surfaces  allows for MAXIMUM Clearance at the base of the cartridge, Allowing the cartridge to find the "Center-Line" of the "Bolt Face" during the chambering process which is a "must have" for Chamberings offered in the AR-15 & AR-180 platforms, Such as, .300 .350 .450 just to name a few which have less "Feed Tolerance/Clearance". Resulting in more Reliabilty with fewer "stovepipes" ,"JAMS" & malfunctions, Saving ammo, Time, Frustration, And so much more that could be costly. Guarenteed positive feed improvement resulting in less "Bolt-Lag" (time to fully seat into battery while feeding a cartridge into the chamber", As the cartridge is Extracted from the chamber, The case mouth clears  the Ejection Port, The Ejection process is started, As the DF-107/DF-207 Ejector moves forward pushing on the spent casing, The location and "Degree of Angle" of the Two Contact/Engagement Surfaces pays off once again providing constant Contact/Engagement where needed until the spent casing has been completley submitted to ejection. 

CNC Machined from Tool Steel heat treated & tempered to 54-58RC.

Recomended for reliable feed & function with
straight wall cartridges & ALL center fire Calibers

IMPROVED EJECTOR for AR-15 & AR-180 DF-107 Ejector (AR-15/ AR-180 )

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